Whether you need your pool cleaned or need to have your pump replaced, Captains Pool Care is the local pool company to trust. Our Alpharetta location provides reliable pool care services provided by Certified Pool Operators for peace of mind and superior pool service. 

Weekly Pool Maintenance

Swim with peace of mind with our Weekly Pool Maintenance Plan. At Captains Pool Care, we understand the importance of proper maintenance in extending the lifespan of your pool. With our weekly pool maintenance plan, our highly-trained technicians will keep your pool crystal clear and safe by performing regular activities like skimming, vacuuming, filter cleaning, and chemical balancing. We also provide all of your pool chemicals at no extra cost and offer a 10% discount on all replacement equipment.
Two men skimming pool
Woman testing the Ph of a pool

Pool Cleaning & Maintenance Services

Captains Pool Care is a leading provider of professional cleaning and maintenance services in Alpharetta, Georgia. Whether you want help with the seasonal maintenance of your pool, a one-time cleaning, or need a pool inspection performed before buying a new home, our expert team offers personalized pool cleaning and maintenance services you can rely on.

Equipment Repairs

We understand how crucial it is to have fully operational equipment to maintain the quality of your pool. From pump repair to filter replacement, our trained professionals can handle all types of pool equipment repairs with the highest level of expertise. We ensure that any malfunctioning equipment is quickly diagnosed and resolved to keep your pool in perfect condition all the time. Trust us to deliver timely, efficient, and reliable pool equipment repairs.
Man inspecting pool equipment
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